Mark Making and Alternative Process (Grades 9-12)

Mark making is a primal urge dating back at lest 40,000 years. Mark making is the use of any material that has the ability to mark any surface or substrate. It can be paint on canvas, ink or pencil on paper, scratched marks, digital art tools on a screen, or a tattoo on skin. Marks can be gestural, structured, loose, and controlled. Artists use a variety of marks to express their feeling and emotions in response to something seen or something felt. In this class we will explore the basics of mark making from charcoal, walnut ink wash and white-out correction pens, and xerox transfer, to alternative art making. Such as making art from the throw-away and painting with charcoal and acrylics on plastic. We will delve into bundling as a way to archive personal items and build a sculpture at the same time. We will also investigate mono printing and cold wax and encaustic wax as final surface finishes on artworks.

**Pre-College Workshops begin Monday morning at 9am, and then 10am for each day after. Each morning, Tues-Fri, 9am-10am is designed as an optional "Open Studio" time for students to work on their projects. The Teaching Instructor will be present to prep and set up and available for guidance and questions. The workshop will then formally begin at 10am Tues-Friday.

Jason Berlin
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