Beauty in Art

For as long as art has been created, there have been artistic standards of beauty, and challenges to these ideas over time. The question is, what is beauty, and how does it effect the viewer in art? In this course, you will learn to create and express your own ideas of beauty, as well as gain a solid understanding of how beauty has been used in art and what it has signified at different points in history. The class will also attempt to answer the question, "Is it art?" in response to a variety of works through history in order to gain a basic understanding of the relationship of beauty in art.
This class will incorporate drawing, mixed media, collage, and painting techniques.

Teaching artist, SARA YOUNG, is a body positive artist and author who engages fully with the world. She works in clay, found object sculpture, performance and all kinds of 2-D medium. She works out of her home studio in Bellingham, Washington, and travels frequently as a way to inspire her work. Sara engages students by asking them to express themselves with confidence about whatever it is they care about. Her teaching philosophy is simple: She plants the seeds and then watches the magic happen.

*Pre-College Workshops begin Monday morning at 9am, and then 10am for each day after. Each morning, Tues-Fri, 9am-10am is designed as an optional "Open Studio" time for students to work on their projects. The Teaching Instructor will be present to prep and set up and available for guidance and questions. The workshop will then formally begin at 10am Tues-Friday.

Sara Young
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9am - 4pm
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