Drawing: Memory Silhouettes

For this workshop students will be playing with the idea of memories and using the silhouette of themselves as the starting point. We will be talking about the concept of portraying their memories as tangible ideas that fill up the space created by their silhouette. We will be referencing the work of Pat Perry who often fills the shapes of people with different scenes and images. We will begin first by brainstorming- making lists and sketches of memories and experiences (ex: Childhood home, a favorite memory, an embarrassing moment, a family vacation, a place you love to visit, a recurring
dream). Students will then choose if they want to focus on one particular place or image, or layer up many images that make up who they are. If students have references images from home of vacations, places, etc, they should bring those in. Students will make a variety of sketches to decide composition and design elements- will the images be contained in the silhouette or break out? Will they include any portions of their face? Will they add any details with watercolor washes or keep the piece pen and ink? Will the silhouette be just their head, or include shoulders, whole body, etc.? Class time will mostly be devoted to the large scale drawing done in pen and ink so they end up with a large piece for their portfolio.

*Pre-College Workshops begin Monday morning at 9am, and then 10am for each day after. Each morning, Tues-Fri, 9am-10am is designed as an optional "Open Studio" time for students to work on their projects. The Teaching Instructor will be present to prep and set up and available for guidance and questions. The workshop will then formally begin at 10am Tues-Friday.

Melissa Badenhop
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