Drawing: Layered Cut Paper/ Mixed Media Workshop

Students will explore the use of mixed media and layered cut paper to enhance their drawings. The piece will build upon a main drawing done in pen and ink or pencil and will use cut paper of various media to create backgrounds that tie into the piece to emphasize the mood, environment, design, and composition on the work. (See student examples below.)
Students will begin the first day by seeing examples and beginning idea generation for content and layout. Students will have the opportunity to make mini sketches and drawings that they can then play around with adding layers and mixed media to. Once students have a final concept, they will begin the large scale drawings that will be the foundation for the work. From there students will alternate between working on the drawing and prepping pieces to be cut out for the background
(painting large sheets of paper, collaging, etc.). Students will have the opportunity to play around with making a variety of grounds to cut up for backgrounds if they want- large watercolor paper abstractions, big sheets they cover in glitter or smeared paint, etc.

*Pre-College Workshops begin Monday morning at 9am, and then 10am for each day after. Each morning, Tues-Fri, 9am-10am is designed as an optional "Open Studio" time for students to work on their projects. The Teaching Instructor will be present to prep and set up and available for guidance and questions. The workshop will then formally begin at 10am Tues-Friday.

Melissa Badenhop
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Monday - Friday
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